A wrap-up blog for Outreachy

It is hard to believe I reached the end of Outreachy internship. Here I want to write a documentation of the whole process. I first knew Outreachy from Google Summer of Code. I know several people who have interned in GSoC and they all recommend it. So I searched for information about GSoC. Occasionally, I … Continue reading A wrap-up blog for Outreachy

My Plan for the Next Academic Year

After Outreachy internship, I am going back to campus to continue my study. Of course, I am not allowed to do full-time work during terms. I plan to look for a part-time research assistant position on quantitative finance analysis or similar fields next semester - I hope to pursue a Ph.D. after graduating from university. … Continue reading My Plan for the Next Academic Year

InterMine Training Portal – an integrated tutorial for InterMine

InterMine is an open source community that integrates biological data sources, making it easy to query and analyse data. There are many different InterMines worldwide, covering a broad range of model organisms and life science research areas such as HumanMine and FlyMine. Though InterMine aims at biology information processing, members of it are not necessary … Continue reading InterMine Training Portal – an integrated tutorial for InterMine

After struggling, I become more confident!

Two weeks have passed. During this period, I gradually knew what does "intern" mean. No one is perfect. No one can solve problems just at the first try. Nevertheless, after struggling, I became more confident! I became a YouTuber last week because of recording our tutorial video. I faced many problems when doing this. I … Continue reading After struggling, I become more confident!

Interview By InterMine

This is my interview documentation. First I want to recommend a piano piece~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIxGUAnj46U This is our blog series interviewing our 2020 Outreachy interns, who are working remotely for InterMine for 3 months on a variety of projects. We’ve interviewed Qian, who will be working on the InterMine Training Portal.Cited from InterMine Hi Qian! We’re really excited … Continue reading Interview By InterMine